What is the value of Fringe?

While fringe can be found on many Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, antique rugs, and other hand-woven silk or wool rugs, such as Navajo or Oaxacan, in most cases it has little to no impact on the value of the rug because it is merely a result of the weaving process. That said, if a rug’s fringe tassels become torn, worn, or untied, the rug can actually begin to unravel and pull apart, which can absolutely affect the rug’s value.

Hand Woven Rugs Are the Foundation

While new fringe can simply be glued or sewn onto a machine-woven rug, this isn’t the case with hand-woven rugs since fringe tassels serve as the foundation of the rug.

Regardless of the type of yarns used in the creation of an authentic Persian rug, all hand-woven rugs in which fringe tassels serve as the foundations for tying the rug knots require proper care to avoid damage.