What is Silk?

Another exquisite fabric that is used to create rugs is silk. Amazingly strong, silk fibers have been used in textiles for centuries for their strength as well as their ability to hold vibrant color saturation. Rugs made with silk construction tend to be thinner than other rugs of the same size since silk is smooth and fine yet extremely sturdy. These are hand knotted rugs rather than being machine-made rugs since the delicate fibers can be woven extremely tightly. Silk rugs, as a result, can be very expensive since natural silk creates a product that will not only last with proper care but will also retain its vivid coloring and will be a less-bulky floor covering since the fibers are very fine compared to wool or other synthetic materials.

How To Clean A Silk Rug

Like many other fine rugs, silk rugs are woven by hand which not only makes them delicate, but also makes them very difficult to clean at home. In fact, you should never attempt to clean your silk rug with any kind of home cleaning products or machine washing. In fact, these types of cleaning methods are known to cause irreversible damage to silk rugs. When the time comes to have your silk rug cleaned, we recommend hiring a certified professional who has been specially trained to clean fine rugs by hand. At Aegis, we clean all types of fine rugs, including hand-woven silk rugs. If you’d like to learn more about our fine rug cleaning process, feel free to call our office today!