How Are Persian Rugs Made

Also made of wool as well as silk, Persian rugs are only given this designation if they were hand-knotted in the region formerly known as Persia, now called Iran. This high-pile rug is the most sought-after product for its luxurious feel as well as its look. Similar to Oriental rugs, this type of rug takes many man-hours to complete the intricate designs by knotting each thread by hand. This process produces a striking rug that is also recognizable since both sides of the rug appear presentable due to the fine knotting work used to create the design.

Persian rugs can be designed in one of four ways:

  • central medallion
  • all-over design
  • one-sided layout
  • compartment layout

How To Clean Persian Rugs

Like many other fine rugs, Persian rugs have a hand-knotted design that makes the cleaning process quite complicated. Persian rug cleaning should never be done at home or with a machine; in fact, doing so could cause irreversible damage to your rug. Instead, Persian rugs should only be cleaned by a certified professional who has been specially trained to clean fine rugs by hand. If you’d like to learn more about our fine rug cleaning process, feel free to call our office today!