What Makes Oriental Rugs Unique?

Only produced in Asian countries, this kind of carpet is a hand-knotted style that is designed and colored in hues and patterns that reflect the customs and traditions of its area of origin. While some are constructed using other natural fabrics, Oriental rugs are commonly made of wool. In order to be considered an Oriental carpet, it cannot be a machine-made rug. The style of these stunning carpets is often emulated in other areas producing still-beautiful pieces featuring Oriental carpet design but without quite as high a price tag necessitated by the intense handwork required to create a hand-tied rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Due to their use of unique materials and handmade construction, Oriental rugs are considered fine rugs. Fine rugs are drastically different than your generic machine-made rugs, and therefore require special care and routine maintenance in order to preserve their longevity. Oriental rug cleaning should never be done at home or with a machine; in fact, doing so could cause irreversible damage to your rug. Instead, oriental rugs should only be cleaned by a certified professional who has been specially trained to clean rugs by hand. If you’d like to learn more about our fine rug cleaning process, feel free to call our office today!