What Makes Wool Rugs So Versatile

The original standard in natural fiber construction, wool rugs have been used for centuries. Their natural fibers are tightly woven together to create a surface that is not only very soft, but also extremely versatile as it can easily be dyed in a wide range of hues. Wool’s popularity as a rug is primarily due to the fact that they are extremely durable and can stand up to heavy use over time. The wool fibers used to create a rug have a natural protective coating of lanolin, a waxy substance that helps to insulate the fibers and prevents the wool fibers from losing their shape with extended use. Rugs made of wool can easily be cleaned, adding to their durability and attractiveness as a preferred fabric.

Wool can be used to make different types of rugs, including Oriental and Persian. Both of these styles of rugs refer to not only the origin of the style but also the patterns commonly found on each as well as the characteristics that make up the structure of the rug.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Though these rugs are known for being extremely durable, at home cleaning should never be attempted with out the right tools and training. If proper cleaning methods are not used, the wool fibers can be subject to irreversible damage. This is why we always recommend that you a hire a certified rug cleaner to clean your wool rugs. At Aegis, we’ve be cleaning wool rugs for many years, and we pride ourselves on having the proper training and experience to safely and confidently clean your wool rugs!