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There are so many reasons to own a wool rug. For one, these rugs are beautiful and make a great addition to pretty much any home. Wool rugs are also naturally fire-retardant, naturally resistant to soil and stains, and are easy to maintain! However, that doesn’t mean that annual cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be performed.

Traditional wool rugs can be very expensive. These rugs are generally handcrafted using soft spun wool that contains neutral colors and vibrant designs. Though in many ways these materials are more rugged than other types of fine rugs, wool rugs should still be cleaned exclusively by hand and only washed with specially formulated cleaning solutions!

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One of the unique characteristics related to wool rugs is their ability to absorb air, water dust, etc in their fibers. This is part of the reason wool sweaters are so effective at keeping you warm. Their fibers are literally able to trap pockets of warm air inside them, making them a favorite material in the cold winter months. The same is done with wool rugs, but on a much larger scale.

With a material as absorbent as wool, it is imperative that annual cleaning be performed to ensure that your rug stays in good shape! However, home cleaning should never be attempted with these kinds of rugs. Wool rugs are often crafted by hand, and though they’re more durable than other kinds of fine rugs, they should never be put through a rug washing machine or cleaned with harsh chemicals. The only way to clean a wool rug safely and effectively is to have a certified professional clean the rug by hand using specially formulated solutions that will not damage or hinder the rug’s fibers.

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Aegis fine rug cleaning has more than 40 years of experience cleaning high-end rugs from all around the world. We know the ins and outs of these specialty rugs more than anyone in the Austin area. We also know how much these rugs can mean to the owners and their families, especially those that have been passed down from generation to generation, and as a result, we care for each rug as if it’s our own!

We’d love to hand-wash your wool rug for you, hear the story of how you’ve come to acquire it, and hopefully learn a little about where it was made. We offer free pick-up and delivery services throughout most of the Austin, TX area (you can ask us more about this when you call to schedule your appointment). If you want to preserve your wool rug for many years to come, contact us today!

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