If woven rug fringes or other types of rug fringes are damaged, or you have grown tired of dealing with them, there are plenty of options.

How To Hide Rug Fringe

One way is to first properly secure the end, so the foundation of the rug is intact, and then hide the tassels (if they are short) by wrapping the end in the same way the sides are over-wrapped with wool.

Removing Fringe From An Oriental Rug

When rug owners get frustrated with their fringe and take scissors to them, the rug will come apart, unless it has been professionally serged to maintain its structural integrity. By hiding the fringe, you can get the same look you want but without all the hassle of the tassel.

If wrapping the edge is not an option because the tassels are too long, you can also simply fold the tassels behind the rug and cover them with material. This is a solution you see on several of the newer Tibetan/Nepalese wool rugs. These rugs tend to have fantastic quality wool, in great natural tones or with splashes of color, and sometimes the very white fringe just does not frame it quite right, so some retailers have the fringe hidden with material. This keeps the rug entirely intact but gives consumers the look they want. The budget friendly version of hiding fringe is often done by taping the fringe to the back side of the rug. If you choose this option, I recommend you use painter’s tape because it leaves much less adhesive residue than clear packing tape or other options.

Just be careful because when you remove stronger tape from whitened/weakened fringe, you will be tearing away the tassels you were trying to protect!

–Written by, Tim Petzold, Owner and Founder of Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning