Austin Rug Cleaner

It’s important to know with whom you are dealing.


Welcome. I am Tim Petzold, Owner and Founder of Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning.


Please research my company as much as you wish.


I have spent my entire adult life building it and am very proud of what it has become for so many people. A trusted resource to access when the need arises.


When something isn’t given to you, you work harder and are prouder of it, and take extra care to maintain your position as the best in whatever endeavor you choose. I chose fine rug cleaning. Exclusively.


You may not see it as a glamorous pursuit, or even a likely one for a seventh generation Texan who grew up in a town of around one thousand people, but it’s my path. My goal was to become a duly certified Rug/Master Textile Cleaner/ Restorer and educate and help people make wise decisions regarding their Oriental and Persian rugs. I’ve been in business since 1983.


You’ll find that my company has a reputation for legendary service. My business model is not based on cutting corners or skipping steps to offer a lower price. That’s not what we do.

So, please do surf around and if you have rugs you care about, give me a call at

(512) 327-1900 to discuss your needs and goals for your rugs with no bias or agenda. If I don’t think you should invest in washing your rugs, I’ll tell you so. It’s really not that hard. Life is too short for pressure.

Businesses, after all, are a collection of people that provide a service to other people.

Often the more folks that are part of a company, the less attention is focused on the people that keep the company in business, the clients. This is why I’ve kept my business small enough to maintain personal relationships. I don’t want you to be crossing your fingers hoping that you will “get the good crew” this time. You will see me when I’m picking up your rugs for washing. You’ll see me when your freshly washed rugs are returned to you. I’m the one who will personally be making sure every inch of your rug is safely, completely washed. I don’t just sit behind my desk and answer the phone while my team does all the work. After all, I’m the one with the certifications and designations. My experience is of no benefit to you if I’m not using it to actually wash your rugs.

I don’t refer to my clients as “customers” because “clients” enjoy a long term professional relationship with my company. “Customers” are usually just a number and are treated as such.

To me, there is a difference between the two. I would rather have a long-term relationship with a client than a quick one time sale to a customer. It is demonstrably better for both of us. If you’ve ever had your rugs cleaned by a company, the likelihood of you returning to that same company to perform that service for you is 15% (unless you have no other options) Compare that with the return rate of 96% that I enjoy, and you start to see why I have clients that move away and still ship their rugs back here to Austin for cleaning by me. You’ll also see why I have clients for whom I’ve been caring for their rugs for more than 30 years and now I care for their children’s rugs.

CALL: 512-327-1900