Types of Rug Fringes

From Bokharas to Gabadehs, there are nearly as many different types of fringe finishes as there are different types of Persian or Oriental carpets themselves. The most common type of fringe involves knotting several warp threads together and then cutting any excess threads. This type of fringe can be seen on many Persian Abadeh rugs.

Baluch rugs and other tribal carpets, on the other hand, feature Kilim selvedge ends at the end of the fringe with several rows of flatweave lying in between the fringe and the hand-knotted part of the rug.

Rug Fringe Variations

When it comes to color, rug fringes made of cotton are often white. However, due to the natural color variations of undyed wool, tribal rugs with woven wool foundations often feature fringe in a variety of colors.

The Purpose of Rug Fringe

Although each type of woven fringe is complicated and time consuming, they all accomplish the same goal of holding the rug together to make sure that the rug you purchase will last a long time.