Wool Rug Durability

Wool floor coverings are known for their timeless elegance and fine details. This reputation for beauty and quality didn’t come by chance. Authentic Persian rugs are handcrafted using techniques that have been passed down through the centuries. Rug makers take pride in their work; their families’ reputations as rug artisans are on the line. Depending on size and artistic specifications, these rugs take several months to complete. One can see why these rugs cost more than the machine-made ones that are cranked out daily at factories everywhere. An investment in a quality oriental rug is an investment in a family’s livelihood.

How Long Will A Wool Rugs Last?

Wool floor coverings offer more than just the feeling of emotional durability that comes with knowing that the chosen product is of high value and will last for generations. Wool floor coverings are actually more durable than most synthetic rugs. Rugs consist of fibers that produce the plush pile that provides so much comfort to  households. It is possible for these wool fibers to break down and look noticeably worn without proper care and cleaning. Wool antique rugs can remain beautiful even after a century of use when professionally maintained.

Are Wool Rugs High Maintenance?

While synthetic materials are known to last a long time, synthetic rugs don’t look so great after a few months of regular use. Their fibers become damaged, and the rug’s pile develops a matted look that’s almost impossible to revive.

Lasting pretty and lasting ugly are two different things, synthetic rugs may not be the right fit to accent your living space regardless of perceived cost savings.

How We Care For Wool Rugs

Choosing Aegis means never subjecting your rug to any kind of harsh chemicals, abrasive tools, or machines. This means you will never have to worry about introducing toxic or hazardous substances into your home when you trust us with cleaning your rug.

Since fine rugs are generally hand-made using very delicate materials like silk, wool, or some sort of blend between the two, utilizing very specific hand-washing techniques also ensures that your rug maintains its longevity and value.