Natural vs Synthetic Fibers

When choosing a rug, design and color always play a huge role in deciding what type of product to choose. But the textile choice should also play a large part in this decision since natural and synthetic fibers have unique requirements for their care and upkeep, both vital contributing factors in the longevity of such a potentially large investment.

Natural Fibers

  1. strong and can withstand long-term use without excessive fading or color changes
  2. fine fibers create a comfortable surface
  3. can be thick construction with wool or very thin with silks
  4. professional rug cleaning extends the life of the rug
  5. hold their value over time, with some actually increasing over time with excellent care
  6. hand tied rugs made of natural fibers are extremely durable due to tight construction

Synthetic Fibers

  1. colors may fade over time
  2. textiles may not retain their shape with use, resulting in surface feel changes
  3. requires a backing for all machine-produced rugs, increasing the depth of the rug
  4. rug cleaning does not necessarily produce a longer life
  5. value decreases over time, diminishing the longevity of the rug