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Professional Fine Rug Cleaning

At Aegis, our specialized rug cleaning services focus on hand-washing rugs from all around the world. Whether you have a Persian Rug, Oriental Rug, Wool Rug, or any other kind of fine rug, we have the training and the experience to safely clean your rug, while also restoring its luster! For more than 20 years, Tim Petzold, the founder of Aegis, has been cleaning fine rugs throughout the Austin, TX area, earning a stellar reputation for his delicate cleaning process and attention to detail.

Choosing Aegis means never subjecting your rug to any kind of harsh chemicals, abrasive tools, or machines. Since fine rugs are generally hand-made using very delicate materials like silk, wool, or some sort of blend between the two, utilizing very specific hand-washing techniques is imperative if you want your rug to maintain its longevity and value.

Looking To Learn More About The Different Kinds of Rugs We Clean?

Though we clean a variety of fine rugs, here are a few examples of some of the more popular rug types that we clean.

“Tim & his crew were professional, friendly, and did a fantastic job of cleaning my client’s high-end area rugs. They took the stress out of finding the right company who knew how to treat such rugs with care. Highly recommend Aegis Fine Rug cleaning if you need the best!”

Tiffany H.

“With Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, you truly do get what you pay for. This is serious old-school service. Tim and his crew are on time, friendly, and they treat your home as if it were their own. Rugs are carefully and meticulously cleaned by hand and brought back to life. I wouldn’t trust my nice rugs with anyone else.”

James W.

“The rugs looked and felt like new after 37 years of use! What an amazing job to bring the rugs back to life! I just wanted to roll around on the carpets! Tim runs a smooth operation and the precision of Orion is a pleasure to behold! A 5+ Rating for both quality of work and personal expertise! Thanks for a job well done!”

Dianne C.

Pet Accidents & Fine Rug Cleaning Remedies

Did your pet have an accident on your prized rug? Don’t worry! Pet accidents are treatable, and in fact, quite common. We have been asked countless times about whether or not we’re able to treat pet contamination. The good news is, yes, we can treat your fine rug and minimize most damage, although we cannot guarantee the results, we are usually successful in our efforts. The bad news is that the process of treating a stain, especially if it’s a stain from a pet accident, is quite complicated.

Fine rugs are very delicate, and most home remedies and carpet cleaning companies can cause more harm than good. The only way to treat the stain, and truly ensure that the condition of your rug is preserved, is to have it cleaned by a certified professional. At Aegis, we specialize in fine rug cleaning, and have years of experience working with delicate rugs from all over the world. If your fine rug needs cleaning, and you’d like to learn more about us and our rug cleaning process, give our office a call today!

Fine Rug Cleaning

We Offer Professional Fine Rug Cleaning Services

Free Pickup & Delivery Throughout Most of Austin, TX

If you live in the Austin, TX area and need your rug cleaned, give our office a call! We offer free pickup and delivery services for most of the 727 zip codes. That’s right, free pickup and delivery! We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to all of our clients, and one of the many ways we do that is by making sure that our customers never have to lift a finger! In fact, we even have our own moving crew that will come to your house and safely move your furniture so that your rug can be carefully removed and taken to our facility for cleaning.

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If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us, you can fill out the contact form below or give our office a call. Before we pick up your rug for cleaning, you’ll be asked a few simple questions regarding your rug’s current condition. This helps us formulate a plan so that your rug is treated properly. For example, there is a big difference in the type of treatment needed to provide routine cleaning versus the type of treatment needed for specific issues like a stain or pet accident, so these initial questions are an integral part of the process!

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