Wool Rugs Are Not Only Well Crafted, They’re Environmentally Friendly

In today’s changing world, it’s comforting to find beautiful products that are meant to last. That’s how we feel every time a fine wool rug crosses our path at Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning. Wool floor coverings are a mainstay in Eastern cultures, and their pronounced advantages over lower-quality rugs that are made from synthetic materials are just beginning to be recognized in the West. As we search for more sustainable products for our living spaces, we notice that well-crafted, environmentally friendly wool floor coverings have been right under our noses.

The Difference Between High-Quality Wool Rugs and Generic Rugs

Discover some of the sustainability-based differences between quality wool floor coverings and the mediocre mass-produced synthetic ones that fill the shelves at our big box retailers. You’ll understand our passion for fine wool floor coverings and the special care that we take when cleaning wool rugs by hand. What makes an item sustainable? Many products on the market today claim the label of sustainability, but they aren’t really sustainable.

Here are some things to consider when deciding how a wool rug compares to other rugs in terms of sustainability

Oriental rugs are made of materials that impact the environment in varying degrees. When comparing wool rugs to rugs that are made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polypropylene, wool is the clear winner for low environmental impact. Persian rugs that are made of synthetic materials are often treated with harsh chemicals to dye them and make them water repellent and stain resistant. When they reach their end-of-life, the rugs and their chemicals are tossed into landfills. In these cases, fragile ecosystems can be damaged when the toxins seep into soil and water.

Wool has a natural waxy coating that’s invisible to the eye but highly effective at repelling water and stains. One way to ensure that your wool floor covering has the least environmental impact is to buy one that was made using natural organic dyes.

Wool Rug Cleaning By Aegis

Like many other high-end rugs, Wool rugs are made using high-quality, sustainable materials that tend to be very delicate. Attempting to wash these rugs at home using abrasive tools, ordinary cleaning detergents, or even washing machines, can cause irreversible damage. The best way to get your wool rug cleaned safely is to have it hand-washed by a certified professional. Aegis has been hand washing high-end rugs from all over the world for over 40 years. We use customized solutions and unique cleaning techniques that will get your rug in like new condition! If you have a wool rug that needs to be cleaned, call us to get on our schedule!