Tied Rug Fringes

Tied fringe is one of the most popular types of fringe styles, even though it is slightly time consuming. In order to keep the weft strands from unraveling, two or more warp strands are tied together across the entire rug. The weaver forms a knot with these strands, holding the weft strands in place and adding decoration to the edge of the rug.

Plaited Rug Fringes

Plaited fringe, otherwise known as kilim fringe, resemble braids at the end of the rug. In order to accomplish this style, the weft strands are continued past the edge of the pile, or height of the rug. These extensions are then woven together with the warp strands, to form a short length of kilim, plaited braids, at the end of the rug.

These types of fringes are highly sought after, but more difficult to maintain in a residential or commercial environment.

Rest assured that whatever type of fringe your rug has, we are experts in handling the rug and the rug’s fringe delicately whenever we go through our cleaning process.