Make Your Rug Last Longer

There are three common factors that make up the wear and tear your rug may encounter. The first being the general activity going around the rug and the amount of foot traffic it receives. The second factor is the materials the rug is made from. The third factor is perhaps the most important: does your rug get vacuumed enough and does it get vacuumed correctly?

Regular vacuuming can extend the lifetime of your rug greatly, but for some rugs, the dirt may have set in deeper than a vacuum can reach. In these cases, immersion washing is the best solution for removing the deeply embedded dirt inside the rug fibers. Some people may think carpet cleaners will be as effective, but much like vacuuming, this will only be effective for surface level cleaning. Instead, a thorough washing combined regular dusting or vacuuming will help you avoid the two most common mistakes that others make regarding their rugs.