Admiring the Different Materials of Your Fine Rug

We didn’t become the best fine rug cleaners in Austin without a love of what we do. We have a passion for the fine rugs that we clean that comes from years of learning. Part of that learning is an understanding of the different materials and designs involved in the making of these gorgeous rugs.

Persian rugs and Oriental rugs have distinct designs, characteristics and beauty. The silk materials used to create them may be natural or artificial.

Worm silk is for anyone looking for what people call a “true silk” rug, silkworm silk is the rug of choice. However, there are also multiple variations of silk from worms. For example, wild silkworms create silk fibers that are rougher in texture and tougher than those that are created by non-wild worms. The roughness makes them more difficult to dye or bleach. There are also cultivated silkworms that create a bright white fiber. The fibers from wild silkworms tend to be beige in color and are less expensive than cultivated silk.

Natural silk from a silkworm is still prone to wear from abrasion. People who are looking for a long-lasting fiber for a high-traffic rug will find that wool or a wool blend may be more durable than worm silk. Natural silk carpets, however, are excellent for display or in low-traffic or no-traffic areas. Silkworm fibers resist mildew, mold and dry rot well. Also, wool moths are not attracted to this silk. Silkworm fibers have a beautiful luster that yields an attention-grabbing rug.

These gorgeous pieces require the utmost care, which is why you shouldn’t trust your rugs to companies that will use harsh chemicals or machine processes that could damage the materials! When you’re ready for a clean, make us your first call at 512-327-1900!