Fine Rugs Are A Long-Term Investment

When considering purchasing wool hand tied rugs, whether they are Oriental carpets, Persian rugs, or simply domestically produced wool hand knotted rugs, upfront costs can be expected to be higher than synthetic machine-made rugs. Rugs that are created with hand-tied threads instead of machine-made ones will necessarily require a longer amount of time and an increased amount of manpower to make. But since these handmade products are built to last, owners can expect to use them for many years to come due to the natural durability of the fibers and the excellent construction of a handmade product such as this. Instead of expecting to toss a rug when the surface fibers crush with use or discolor over time, wool hand tied rugs can be professionally cleaned to restore them back to their original luster and beauty without worrying about the natural fibers becoming damaged or losing their shape significantly over time. With careful professional rug cleaning, handmade wool rugs can be a long-lasting, classic addition to a home that bears out many years of use to diminish the initial cost of the rug. The cost of Persian carpet cleaning, due to the high quality of this handmade product, is typically easily justified since a high-quality, luxury Persian carpet should last for a lifetime when appropriate care is given to the beautiful rug.

Why Natural Silk Rugs Are So Expensive

Choosing a genuine silk rug is another option that provides a long-lasting addition to a home. Although the natural fibers of a true silk rug make it durable, as well as guarantee its beauty is long-lasting, the cost to purchase one of these exquisite products is out of reach for many buyers. Real silk rugs are a less practical choice for many due to their expensive price tags even though they can be stunning artistic additions to any space.