Using Artificial Silk To Make Rugs

Understanding “Art Silk”

“Art silk rugs” is an abbreviation for as artificial silk rugs, these rugs are faux silk. Artificial silk rugs may have the same general appearance as worm-based silk and share some of the same physical attributes and qualities. They are often blended with wool based rugs to increase their longevity and still provide “silk” highlights to accentuate points of the rugs design. 

How “Art Silk Rugs” Are Made

They are made from viscose fibers and may also be called viscose silk or viscose rugs. Most rugs sold today and marketed as “silk” fall into the art silk rugs category. They include fibers made from natural products that are manufactured or processed into silk-like fibers. Although some are not completely environmentally friendly, others are biodegradable and have no impact on the environment