Wool vs Synthetic Rugs

At first glance, one would think that the inexpensive synthetic rugs were the most economical choice. However, there are hidden life cycle costs that make these rugs unsustainable in the long term. Synthetic rugs are formulated with chemical treatments that require quite a bit of money to research, develop, test, and become certified for production use.

Synthetic Rug Production

The business model for these synthetic rug makers is based on high-volume sales. Profit margins for the rugs are relatively low, but the rug makers count on us to purchase the cheap floor coverings in high quantities to turn a profit and pay for its front-end costs.

Most people will fall into this trap because they’ll want to replace the worn rugs after only a few years of use.

Wool Rug Production

The process for producing wool is a little more straightforward. There are no harsh chemicals that cause physical harm when used. Consumers can get wool floor coverings that are made with natural dyes. When rug makers use all-natural raw materials, they don’t need to worry about toxic chemicals that cost money up front to formulate and cause adverse health reactions in the long term.

Even though synthetic rugs are manufactured in factories at a fast pace, they still require more raw materials to produce than wool floor coverings. Wool production is efficient and versatile.

The operator of a small ranch can use the same time-tested tools and techniques to shear her sheep for market as the larger commercial outfits use. This versatility is healthy for the economy and efficient enough to offer a good living to hard-working, independent ranchers and cottage industry rug makers.

We Are A Full Service Rug Cleaning Company

When we say that we are a full-service rug cleaning company, it means that we do all the work for you, at no additional charge.

We’ll pick up the rugs from your home and transport them to our rug washing facility. You never have to roll up a dirty rug and lug it to our business.

Once at our location, your wool rug will be cleaned with specially formulated cleansers, and keep your rug safely wrapped until we return it to your home for installation or storage. All rugs are wrapped for transport or storage at no extra charge.