Worried About Those White Specks on Your Oriental Rug?

As the premiere Oriental rug cleaners in Austin, we’ve seen a lot, and we know carpets. We’re often asked “What are these weird, white speckles on my rug?” For folks who don’t know, these can be a source of concern. Maybe there’s something wrong with your investment? We’re here to set your mind at ease.

These white specks are a perfectly normal consequence of high foot traffic. These are actually white knots. They can also appear after a cleaning or two on some rugs. These knots are places where the rug was tied together on a loom. Since they are important for maintaining the rug’s foundation, they should never be removed. Knots prove that the rug was handmade and add some character to it. Professionals and fine rug connoisseurs often refer to these knots as “freckles” and encourage rug owners to simply appreciate them for enhancing the uniqueness of a rug.

So those white specks aren’t just fine, they add character to your piece! But rugs, especially those in high traffic areas, still require the specialized cleaning of a professional from time-to-time. So call us today at 512-327-1900 to schedule your cleaning!