What to Look For When Hiring a Professional for Rug Cleaning Service

Oriental rugs require special care

Expert Rug Cleaning Protects and Preserves Quality Rugs

Your Oriental rug is one-of-a-kind and should be cared for properly so that it will continue looking beautifully vibrant for years to come. You should never trust rug cleaning in Austin to a random carpet cleaning company.

Before you hire a professional to clean your Oriental rug, you should make sure to investigate carefully to find a cleaner who has the right education and expertise to properly care for your rugs. We have the expertise and experience to carefully clean your fine area rugs. Cleaning should be performed away from your home to allow for multiple washings and adequate drying time. We can pick up your rugs, clean them, and reinstall them for you. We offer rug cleaning in Austin and throughout Travis County, Texas. Contact us today to receive a quote and to schedule your Oriental rug cleaning services.