Tufted Rugs are Different in Construction and Quality From Woven Rugs…

Each knot on a woven rug is hand tied but on a tufted rug, each loop is created using a tool called a tufting gun. The back of the rug is then coated with a latex glue which holds the tufts in place and usually there is a cloth material sewn onto the back to cover up the glue. If your rug has a material backing on it, it’s probably tufted although some need points and hooked rugs have material on the back as well.

About 5% of the tufted rug market is very high end, custom designed and custom-made rugs with excellent fibers, dyes and construction and these rugs are sold for thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. The other 95% are lower end rugs that are considerably more affordable. These rugs have a shorter lifespan and come with their own set of challenges when it comes to cleaning.

Some common issues with tufted rugs include:

  1. Latex Fillers
  2. Stencil Mark Bleed
  3. Odor Issues
  4. Pet Odor Problems
  5. Mildew Issues
  6. Buckling
  7. Floor Discoloration

Most tufted rugs will provide years of service if they are properly cared for. The care needed will depend on how soiled the rug is. If the rug is lightly soiled, surface cleaning with standard carpet cleaning techniques can be an option. If the tufted rug is dirty or has pet stains or urine, it must be immersion washed because immersion washing is the only way to get it truly cleaned all the way through the foundation.