How Are Modern Rugs Made?

Modern carpets are now commonly produced en masse by machines using man-made materials like polyester, rayon and other synthetic fibers. Fine Rug styles like Oriental and Persian are emulated with synthetic materials primarily to drive down the price of the product by manufacturing machine-made rugs utilizing inexpensive fabrics. Without long hours required to generate hand woven rugs combined with relatively inexpensive fiber construction, synthetic rugs have become increasingly popular. One double-edged benefit to using a synthetic rug is their contribution to “throw-away fashion” with a price point sometimes low enough for owners to consider repeated replacement of a trendy look or worn-out rug rather than investing in a quality piece intended to last for years with proper care. While machine-made rugs can be manufactured in any style, color or shape, their tell-tale details and the occasional chemical scent coming from the unnatural fibers or protective coatings required to create them are often dead giveaways to their quality and longevity.