Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

Oriental rug cleaning van

It’s not enough to vacuum your antique, Oriental rug. In fact, vacuuming won’t truly clean your rug, as it doesn’t get down deep enough into the fabric. There are many different important steps that must be completed for your rug to be truly clean. That’s why you should get your rug professionally cleaned—it will lead to a rug that lasts generations.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

1. No Color Bleeding

When people clean their own rugs at home, they tend to use harsh chemicals that can severely damage the rug itself. These chemicals react with the dye, and if the rug is wet the colors will start to bleed. These dyes are so delicate because of how they are created—before the 1870s, the dyes were mixed from various plant materials and insects like indigo, oak, pomegranate, larkspur, and more, and this type of natural dye is still widely used today. At Aegis, each rug is washed by hand, and with only the safest products to keep the colors intact.

2. Gentle Cleaning Methods

At big rug and carpet cleaning companies, they’ll handle your rug like it’s durable wall-to-wall carpet. With Oriental rugs, it’s incredibly important to treat them gently. Each rug should be cleaned separately, dried horizontally, and they should never be scrubbed. Aegis uses customized, natural solutions—your rugs are gently rinsed, and loosened soils are dislodged and carried away with cool water.

3. Targeted Stain Removal

Sometimes your Oriental rugs will get stains; it’s just inevitable. A proper rug cleaning company will remove those stains without causing damage to the rug. Sometimes, you don’t notice the stains that can cause long-lasting damage to your rug, so regular stain removal is key to taking proper care of your Oriental rug.

4. Proper Dirt Removal

As previously stated, vacuuming your rug doesn’t fully clean it. Vacuuming won’t remove the accumulated dust and debris ground deep into the fabric. Professional rug cleaners, like Aegis, have the proper equipment and techniques to get the dirt out. Fine rug cleaners will use compressed air and gentle vibrations to loosen dirt from the rug.

5. Reduce Rug Shrinkage

Some rug cleaning companies use too much water when cleaning rugs, and this leads to the buckling or shrinkage of the rug. After they’re dried, Aegis applies different treatments at no added cost to combat rug shrinkage, protect fibers, and more. It’s important for these rugs to be cleaned correctly if you want your Oriental rugs to last you a lifetime.

Aegis is a fine rug cleaning company that will keep your Oriental rug fresh and free of debris.