Handwoven Bakhtiari Rugs

Bakhtiari rugs are known for being the brightest and boldest of all nomadic rugs. Handwoven by the Bakhtiari, one of the oldest Persian tribes, the rugs are crafted in nearly 200 villages dotting the mountainous Zagros region of Iran. In addition to their bright colors, Bakhtiari rugs are famous for their long-lasting qualities, color combinations, exquisite compositions, and unique geometrical motifs.

The Bakhtiari tribe began weaving rugs for personal use. Unlike other Persian tribes, they didn’t begin making rugs for export until the early 1930’s, after the tribe had begun giving up its nomadic ways.

What Makes Bakhtiari Rugs Different From Other Persian Rugs?

Bakhtiari rugs use compact, dense pile from high-quality wool. Cotton is also used to create sturdy foundations and give the rugs their renowned strength. In some smaller rugs, the foundation is pure wool rather than cotton, and some of the finest rugs use silk in both the foundation and pile for a luxuriousness no other rug can match.

Bakhtiari rugs are typically constructed with symmetrical knots. The knot density of some rugs can reach up to 32,000 or more knots per meter, giving them a higher knot density than any other type of rug. Not only does this reflect the pristine craft in which each rug is made, but it also makes each rug more durable and require fewer rug cleanings.

Bakhtiari Rug Design

Bakhtiari rugs come in a range of designs with slight variations depending on the villages they’re created in. Primarily, they feature geometrical patterns with detailed patterns and floral work. The most prominent and popular ones follow The Garden Panel design layout and display a mesmerizing medley of colors and motifs.

Bakhtiari rug weavers commonly use bright, vibrant colors like dark red, blue, orange, and green. The wide palette of contrasting bright colors truly helps their designs stand out.

Most Bakhtiari rugs are made by individual weavers who craft their creations in between chores and tending to their sheep. Therefore, they come in a wide variety of sizes ranging anywhere from 4 x 6 feet all the way up to 12 x 18 feet.