The Most Popular Types of Persian Rugs for Your Home

the most popular types of persian rugs for your home

Persian Rug Weaving

Carpet weaving has been an artform for centuries, and over those years, various cultures have perfected their own Oriental rug form. The oldest rug found is the Pazyric carpet which dates back to 500 B.C., and since its creation, many others have come to fruition. This versatility in rug formation and style has brought about so many breathtaking rugs that it’s difficult to decide which rug type you should have in your home. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular types of Persian rugs to help you on your search for the best rug for your home.

Types of Persian Rugs

Hamedan Rugs

Hamedan Rug

One of the most common types of Persian rugs, Hamedan rugs feature a wide variety of designs and are stunning. The Hamedan region is one of the largest weaving areas in Western Iran and holds hundreds of villages; each village has their own traditions, patterns, and sizes for this rug style. They typically stick to the same color palette of ivory, red, blue, or brown, and they’re normally quite simple in design.

Heriz Rugs

Heriz Rug

Heriz rugs are often found in larger sizes and are well-known in the interior design world. Their patterns usually consist of large, bold central medallions and intricate all-over designs that spread from the central focus. Due to a very thick composition, these rugs are quite sturdy and sought after. There are no “blank spaces” on Heriz rugs; every inch has some sort of design on it.

Kashan Rugs

Kashan Rug

One of the most expensive types of Persian rugs, the Kashan rug was created in Iran and has spread across the world. These rugs most commonly have a wool or silk pile that’s woven onto a cotton foundation with bold colors of blue, white, and red. They typically consist of bold, intricate floral patterns and large central medallions. These rugs are statement pieces, which is why they tend to be considered the epitome of the traditional Persian rug.

Sarouk Rugs

Sarouk Rug

Known for their striking color palette and their unmatched quality, Sarouk rugs are a wonderful choice for the home. The reds, roses, and blues are rich and typically paired with intricate floral patterns. With a cotton foundation and blue wefts, Sarouk rugs have a light texture you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other rugs.

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz Rug

Another rug with an intense range of diversity, Tabriz rug styles range from flat to pile weaves. Woven in the northwest area of Iran near the Turkish border, these rug designs can vary from typical Persian motifs to full reproductions of famous artworks. They’re beautiful, delicate, and complete works of art.

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