The Difference Between Rug Cleaning and Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Difference

Caring For Your Oriental Rug Properly Is Critical

A fine Oriental rug can transform your room and serve as a visual centerpiece that complements your design scheme. Whether you have purchased a high-quality Oriental rug to add to the beauty of your home or as an investment piece, caring for your rug properly is critical for maintaining its beauty and quality.

While some people think that Oriental rugs should be cleaned the same way that wall-to-wall carpets are cleaned, this is not true. If you steam clean your fine rugs, it can damage the silk and wool fibers and cause the colors to bleed. Oriental rug cleaning and wool rug cleaning instead require specialized care to maintain the beauty of your carpets and allow them to last for decades.

Hand Cleaning Is Simply The Best Way To Do It

While wool rug cleaning by hand might not be the fastest method for cleaning your rugs, it is simply the best way to do so. It is much safer for your rugs to have them professionally cleaned by hand than to steam clean them or to place them in a spinning rug cleaning machine. A machine cannot differentiate between the textures of your fine rugs and will not stop the process if the colors begin to bleed. Rugs should be professionally cleaned by hand to keep them in optimal condition.