The Advantages of a Handmade Oriental Rug Over Machine Made

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a handmade Oriental rug over a machine-made one. Though the price will often be significantly higher on the handmade rug, the advantages are well worth the extra cost.

For starters, a handmade rug is much more durable than a machine made rug. This alone can be worth the higher price tag, as a well-cared for handmade Oriental rug won’t need replacing, while a machine-made rug will wear and eventually need to be thrown out.

Additionally, handmade rugs don’t just retain their value. Their value increases over time. As each handmade rug is an individual piece which reflects the creator, no two rugs are alike and each will carry its own story and value which elevates a handmade rug beyond a mere tapestry.

As with any investment, you will want to make sure you turn to a professional to help you maintain your rug in peak condition. That’s why you should turn to the rug professionals at Aegis to help. Rugs are our business, and we do it well. Call today!