Tell-tale Signs of an Authentic Oriental Rug

Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning

If you’re looking into investing in Oriental rugs, there are a number of important features to look at in order to assess whether or not you’re getting the genuine article.

Often the most telling sign of a genuine Oriental rug is that the back of the rug matches the front. Machine made rugs will generally have a latex coating on the back which keeps the tufts in place. A genuine, hand-knotted Oriental rug does not have such a backing. So the back side of the rug will match the front in design and detail.

Additionally, the fringe on a hand-knotted rug holds the rug together and thus the knots are extremely tight. They are not sewn or glued together.

When looking at your rugs as in investment, remember that as a rule of thumb, the more complex the design, the more valuable the rug. Small, intricate designs are more labor-intensive. More work was put into the rug, and therefore, the rug is more valuable.

Of course, investing in a rug also comes with the necessity of caring for your investment. That’s where having a cleaning company you can trust comes in. Aegis Fine Rug Cleaners are your best bet for cleaners who understand and appreciate your investment. We hand-clean every rug with a delicate touch, and we never tumble dry your investment or do anything which could risk damaging your rug.

Call us today for more information on how we care for your investment! We are absolutely transparent about our pricing and cleaning process and we’re here to help.