Selvedge Rug Fringes

A selvedge is the tight, rounded edge found on many fine Persian and Oriental carpets or rugs. They’re created by wrapping the few remaining weft strands around the warp strand edges, giving the rug a clean and distinctly non-fringe look.

Selvedge Rug Fringes Are A Type Of Fringe

It’s still considered fringe nonetheless, and is formed by the warp strands bottom and top edges of the rug. The weft strands are held in place by the fringe.

That’s right, as is the case with most aspects of fine rug making, the purpose of wrapping the strands this way is to keep the rug structurally sound. It also keeps the warp strands from spreading out and deteriorating. When it comes day-to-day use, this type of fringe is one of the easiest to maintain especially if you have dogs or vacuum your rug fringe.

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