Rug Cleaning on the go?

Rug cleaning is a challenging and time-consuming task that requires comprehensive knowledge of how different fibers work and what substances can be used to clean them. Every fiber and rug is different, which is why our services are highly recommended. We always use the chemicals, techniques, and equipment that are best suited to the specific rug we’re cleaning, which allows us to achieve excellent results that others cannot imitate.

Steam Cleaning

One thing you should never do when attempting to clean a rug is to steam clean (this includes a home or portable vacuum/carpet cleaner) a natural fiber like silk, wool, or cotton. This method of cleaning can result in extensive fiber damage, dye bleeding, permanent yellowing, color loss, and discoloration. Also, most off-the-shelf cleaning agents and chemicals should never be used on natural fiber or true Oriental rugs, regardless of what the label says! They risk bleaching, dye bleeding, fiber distortion and even fiber destruction.

Dealing with Spills

The most important thing to remember when a spill happens is not to panic. Doing so usually results in a mistake being made that could damage the rug or worsen the stain. When you’re tending to food, drink or pet spills, make sure that you vacuum up any dry pieces or spoon up any solids. If you want to make sure that the spill doesn’t spread to other areas of the rug, you can blot the affected area with a white cotton towel. Consider placing a dry white towel over the damp area for a period of 24 hours or so, which allows the moisture in the rug fibers to wick into the towel.

In the event that a stain remains, you should call and get on our schedule for a free pick-up. The wrong hands using the wrong products can damage even the finest rugs. The rugs that we focus on are created with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Similarly, we use only the highest quality, safest products to thoroughly hand wash and restore your rugs. This is why calling us first, is the best option.