Why People Like Rayon Rugs

Rayon has some of the same properties as natural cellulose fibers. However, it is more absorbent than cotton. Also, it is softer to the touch. One of the reasons why people like it for rugs is because it has plenty of versatility in color options and is ideal for vibrant colors. Another major benefit is that it does not hold static electricity. The fibers are resistant to pilling. Since it does not absorb heat and expels moisture well, it is a good choice for humid and hot climates. Rayon rugs are also durable and only moderately resistant to abrasion.  Due to its softness rayon is susceptible to abrasion and pile distortion.

How to Properly Clean a Rayon Rug

It is often difficult to properly care for rayon rugs, and they do not generally perform well in homes with pets. If you have a rayon rug that needs to be cleaned, we recommend hiring a certified professional. Attempting to clean a rayon rug at home without the proper training has the potential to cause irreversible damage to your rug. If you’d like to learn more about our fine rug cleaning process and how we care for rayon rugs, give us a call!