Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Fine Rug Cleaning Company

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Your fine flooring requires special treatment. Even though you make every attempt to keep your rugs clean, accidents happen. If your rugs are dirty or stained, take a look at the top questions to ask before you select a cleaning contractor.

Does the Cleaning Company Have Experience with Fine Rugs?

All rugs are not equal. Fine rugs and big box store-bought area rugs are not the same type of flooring and require different care. While anyone can claim to make or sell a “fine rug,” this type of flooring is typically handwoven with great care. Often known under the broad category “oriental,” fine rugs include a variety of styles, including Persian, Khotan, Kazak, Bokhara, Chobi, and others.

If your would-be carpet cleaner has never heard of these rug types, you have not found the right contractor. The company, and their employees, should have extensive experience with fine rugs. You should not have to explain how to care for the carpeting to the contractor. Instead, they should tell you what is best for your rug and have years of experience to back up their treatment plan.

Does the Company Offer a Hand-Cleaning Service?

Automated or machine-driven cleaning has its place in the flooring industry. Even though some carpets will stand up to aggressive automated cleaning machines, the delicate fibers of most fine rugs will not. Protect your investment with the most careful cleaning service possible. If your potential cleaning company cannot or will not clean the fine fibers of your rugs by hand, find a professional who will.

What Does the Hand-Cleaning Process Involve?

Even though you are not a carpet cleaning expert, you need to make sure the company you trust with your rugs uses products you agree with. If harsh chemicals are not part of your typical house cleaning routine, the same should apply for a job someone else does. Discuss the cleaning process and products the company uses with the staff or technician before they touch your fine rug.

Do You Prepare Rugs for Storage?

A clean rug is not the only reason to send your home décor investment piece to a flooring professional. If you plan to store your rug, you need to prepare it correctly. A simple roll-and-wrap technique may not protect your rug for storage. Along with hand-cleaning services, discuss the company’s ability to adequately professionally prepare your fine flooring to store.

Do You Clean Multiple Rugs at the Same Time?

Will the cleaning contractor clean your rug along with a few others? While some commercial cleaners use this approach to save time, it can lead to cross-contamination. This means dirt, debris, pests, pet odors, or anything else on one rug may contaminate your fine rugs.

What Do You Charge For?

While expertise, experience, and cleaning technique are all crucial to this process, you also need to ask a would-be contractor about their pricing. When the carpet cleaning company provides an estimate, ask if this is the end price you will pay or if there is a possibility that they will need to add on extra charges.

A surprise is the final bill is not a welcome addition for most customers. If you are not sure what the company charges for, ask for an itemized list of services and prices before you send your rug in for cleaning. Some companies may charge extra for services such as wrapping rugs for storage, while others may include this in the overall price.

Do your fine rugs need a professional-level cleaning? Contact Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning for more information. We look forward to speaking with you.

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