Preserve the Colors in Your Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug Cleaning Difference

Oriental rugs are often known for their beautiful colors and designs. These colors stem from dyes. There are two sorts of dyes generally used in the rug process: natural dyes, often deriving from vegetables, and chemical dyes.

The most common natural dyes come from the indigo plant, generally by fermenting the leaves to produce blue dye for wool. Madder root and larkspur are also commonly used, producing a dark, rusty red and a muted gold, respectively. These colors makeup the primary colors of the spectrum from which all other natural dye colors are produced. 

Modern rugs (those produced in the 20th century) often use chrome dyes, a synthetic dye which produces brilliant colors which are largely washproof and can be preserved for a significant amount of time. These dyes do not provide the same softness of natural dyes, but they do produce a slight luster which lasts for some time.

Regardless of how your rug has been dyed, hand-washing is a necessity for preserving and maintaining your rug’s integrity. Aegis only ever hand washes and dries your rugs. They are never wrung dry, beaten, or otherwise handled in a way that would compromise their integrity. Your rugs are always cleaned with care to preserve your investment for years to come.

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