Popular Styles of Chinese Rugs

Since handmade rugs from China became more popular, there have been a few styles that were particularly coveted. Many still are today as well.

The Ningxia Style Rug

One of the earliest rug styles is the Ningxia style. During an emperor’s trip to the Ningxia area of China, he discovered this style being made there. Soon after that, several rugs were ordered for the palace’s audience halls during the early days of the Qing dynasty. The style dates back to the 18th century or possibly earlier. These rugs have formal, understated, and reserved qualities.

The austere-looking rugs do not have as much elaborate decoration as some types of woven rugs. However, they have a unique look that includes subdued and softer colors. It is common to see ivory, saffron yellow, and several hues of blue in Ningxia rugs. When they incorporate symbolism, they usually have clouds, dragons, or traditional symbols. Because of their antiquity and uniqueness in design, these rugs are considered some of the most desirable Chinese rugs.