Visual Differences Between Oriental and Persian Rugs

Whether you’re looking for help to identify your current rug, or tips of what to look for in your future purchase, our blog series on the differences between Oriental and Persian rugs is here to help! In today’s post, we want to look at the aesthetics of rugs that you may want to consider.

One area of consideration when looking to purchase a rug is its symmetry. When a rug is knotted by hand, making the designs on each side perfectly symmetrical is nearly impossible. The slight asymmetry in style is what fine rug experts consider a measure of quality. It shows that a rug is authentic and made by hand. A rug crafter often works on one large rug for several months. When you examine an authentic Oriental or Persian rug, you will notice small imperfections. These are what give rugs their uniqueness. 

Another consideration of your future rug purchase is its tiny imperfections. If you are examining an antique rug or one that was pre-owned and washed at least once, you may notice white spots on it. This is normal for both Persian and Oriental antique rugs. They are not weak areas. Instead, the white knots are part of the crafting process and always become visible over time. Rug experts consider them a sign of quality and uniqueness, and they often refer to them as “freckles.” These small imperfections are considered part of the overall experience of rug ownership, and are meant to be appreciated!

Finally, design color is another factor to consider. If you prefer a warmer tone, a Persian rug may be better for you. Most rug crafters use red, ivory, sage, golden yellow, rust, indigo and black in their Persian designs. If you prefer a cooler color combination, you may like an Oriental rug better. You can still find an Oriental rug with a warmer mixture of colors, but they more commonly come in cool tones.

As always, your personal preference and décor should be the determining factor in color and style selection for your home. You know what you like! But we hope these small aspects of consideration help you with your future rug purchase, or to know more about the rug in your home. And as always, when it comes time to clean your rug, trust in the experts at Aegis to deliver you the highest quality Oriental rug cleaning in Austin! Call us today at 512-327-1900 to schedule your service. We can’t wait to hear from you.