Choosing Your Carpet by Country of Origin

Purchasing an Oriental rug or Persian rug can be a costly investment not to be taken lightly. For those looking to make this purchase, we can help! We have put together a series of blogs which feature things to consider when making your investment.

Oriental and Persian rugs are both beautiful, exquisite and stylish. A Persian rug is a style of Oriental rug. However, not every Oriental rug is a Persian style. The distinctions between the two types are in the intricacies of their designs. Among luxury rug shoppers, they are both considered the finest choices in the world. There are several important attributes to know about each one to make the right decision for your unique taste and needs.

One of the first considerations for your rug purchasing consideration is the country of origin of your rug. The origin is the main difference between the two types of rugs. Authentic Persian rugs come from Iran, which was once Persia. However, there are a few tribal Persian rug weavers in Pakistan today as well. Oriental rugs come from Tibet, Egypt, India, China, Pakistan and Turkey. If you look for rugs from a certain country, it is important to be aware that the United States placed trade sanctions on Iran. Because of this, customers cannot buy new rugs legally from Iran. It is possible to find antique rugs that are authentically Persian. However, beware of any rug sellers who advertise new rugs. Since the sanctions started in 1987, you cannot find newer rugs from Iran unless they were brought here illegally or immigrants moved with them. Tribal rug weavers from Pakistan can still export rugs that are made with Persian techniques to the United States. You can find older ones at antique stores or auctions.

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