Knot Style and Knots Per Square Inch Could Determine the Origin (and value!) of Your Rug

Whether you’re looking for advice on identifying or cleaning Oriental rugs in Austin, Aegis can help! We have decades in the industry of fine rug cleaning, and have come to know our craft and the valuable items we work on quite well. One thing we’re often asked about is the difference between Oriental rugs and Persian rugs. So we’ve developed a blog series that we hope helps folks navigate the difference between these two types of splendid rugs.

Fine rugs are generally defined by their knot style. Oriental rugs are generally made using Ghiordes knots, which are symmetrical, while Persian rugs are usually created with a type of knot called a Senneh knot, which is asymmetrical. There are, of course, exceptions, as a few rugs that are made in the Kurdish region, a region usually associated with Persian rugs, have symmetrical knots. Persian rugs are often considered more exquisite than their Oriental counterparts, partially because of the Senneh knots that rug creators use. The difference between these knot styles can be a bit tricky to identify, but when you know where to look and what you’re looking for, it becomes easier. While Ghiordes knots leave two visible bumps where the knot is tied, the Senneh knot only leaves one. 

A knotting technique that is less common is the Jufti knot. It usually yields half the warp count. Knot density is the number of knots on a surface area, which is usually a square centimeter or square inch. It may also be per meter or decimeter. This is considered a measure of quality as well. A high-quality Persian rug may have between 85 and 500 knots per square inch, which is often expressed as “KPSI.” The average Oriental rug has about 100 KPSI.

This is all a matter of personal preference, both types of rugs are high quality and will last for centuries with proper care. And when it comes to providing proper care, turn to Aegis for rug cleaning that protects your investment. Our hand-washing techniques protect your investment and make sure that your rug will last longer and look better than washing done by machines. Call us today at 512-327-1900 to learn more about our services and to schedule your appointment today!