Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialist?

Choose one thing.
Do it well.

Austin’s “Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialist” should mean that is all a company does. It is all I do at Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning. Some folks should look up what “specialist” means. It doesn’t mean we do lots of other businesses like carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or buying and selling rugs. It means you do one thing and do it well.

I wouldn’t want a carpet cleaner cleaning my Persian rugs. It would be like going to your opthamologist about an ingrown toenail.

Rug retailers don’t clean your rugs themselves. With rare exception, they subcontract them to the lowest bidder, and upcharge you what it should cost to wash your rug. Do you think it’s in their best interest for your rugs to be properly washed? No. They are in the business of selling you new rugs. If you are getting your rugs properly washed, they can last for generations. That’s not good for the rug salesman.

Think about what an Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialist can do for you and your rugs. Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning is Austin’s only rug cleaning specialist.