Modal Silk Rugs Vs. Natural Silk Rugs

This is an unusual material when it comes to fine rugs. It looks nearly identical to silk with its beauty, texture and luster. However, it is significantly less expensive than natural silk. It is resilient, durable and has good elasticity. This makes it reasonably resistant to wear. Modal is also lightweight, breathable and absorbent. The material is hypoallergenic and repels both moths and mold.

Modal Silk Rug Cleaning

Although resistant to wear, modal rugs are easily damaged by improper cleaning or pet contamination. In order to ensure the longevity of your modal silk rugs, it is recommended that routine cleaning be performed by a certified professional. Attempting to clean these rugs at home could potentially result in irreversible damage, especially if proper cleaning techniques are not applied. To schedule a cleaning, or to learn more about our fine rug cleaning process, give our office a call!