What Is “Full Service” for Rug Cleaning?

You’re looking for Oriental rug cleaning in Austin, and you want the best you can get. Well, why go for our competitors when we offer the most complete, full service rug cleaning in town?

When we say that we are a full-service rug cleaning company, it means that we do all the work for you, at no additional charge.  We will pick up the rugs from your home and transport them to our rug washing facility.  You never have to roll up a dirty rug and lug it to our business.

Once at our location, we will clean your rug, first dislodging the deeply impacted dry particulates that vacuuming alone cannot remove.  Then we treat any unique needs (i.e., pet contamination) that the rug may have, and wash it with custom formulated cleansing solutions, dry it horizontally to protect it, and keep your rug safely wrapped until we return it to your home for installation or storage.  All rugs are wrapped for transport or storage at no extra charge.  If a company is not a full-service rug cleaning business, it will likely use shortcuts.  Such as industrial carpet cleaning solutions and equipment to surface clean your rugs, require you to drop the rugs off and pick up them up on your own, and you have to pay extra for any needed treatments, or for wrapping the rugs.

So, knowing that, you know the right move is to make Aegis your first call. Get ahold of us right away at 512-327-1900 and schedule your cleaning today!