How to Ruin a Rug? Hire a Carpet Cleaner!

Do you have expensive antique or oriental wool rugs in your home? Fine rugs are a luxurious addition to any home. Unfortunately, many owners of Persian rugs don’t understand how to properly care for their rugs and inadvertently damage them.

Improper cleaning is the number one way most natural fiber rugs are damaged. Luxurious antique, oriental and Persian rugs are most commonly made from wool, silk or a combination of the two, and those fibers are easily damaged by automatic cleaning machines, rotating brushes and stiff-bristled brushes. This is because most carpet cleaning machines and brushes are designed for nylon and other synthetic fibers, which can handle more abuse.

The sad news is that even some “professional” carpet cleaning companies believe that their standard cleaning practices, harsh chemicals, and equipment can be used on all types of fibers. This isn’t true. Using the wrong equipment or technique when cleaning a natural fiber rug can break down and destroy the fibers, causing premature wear and the colors to bleed. Improperly cleaning your fine rug can cause it to fall apart.

Therefore, it’s imperative that owners of oriental and Persian rugs use only specialists with techniques and safe cleaning agents that are specifically designed for delicate fibers. When hiring a rug cleaning company, make sure they specialize in hand-cleaning luxury rugs, and that is all they do.