Don’t Give Bugs A Free Place to Live!

Protecting your rugs from destructive pests is actually pretty easy as long as you remember a few key points. Bugs like dark places where they won’t be disturbed. In dark places they can grow and have less chances of being disturbed and what is a more perfect place than underneath a rug? This is especially true when the rug has furniture on top of it.

Vacuum Rugs Regularly

Regularly vacuuming rugs will disturb the areas bugs like to live. Make sure to vacuum on the backside of the rugs and periodically check underneath the corners of the rug for the tell-tale signs.

Put the rug in the sun for a few hours.

If you can, put your rugs outside in the sun for a few hours a couple times each year. Bugs that tend to eat up rugs do not like sunlight. This of course may not be practical for larger rugs, and in that case these rugs can benefit from regular washing.

Use a quality pad under your rug.

Using a quality pad underneath your rug will help to eliminate air pockets where bugs can thrive.

In order to keep rugs bug free, we recommend having your rug washed every 1-3 years depending on the conditions it is in and the amount of use it gets.