Even if Your Pets Haven’t Touched Your Rug

You’re not the kind of person who would let pet ownership lead to a dirty home. Even if you’re meticulously careful about keeping your pets off your Oriental rugs, however, it’s almost impossible to entirely forbid your favorite animals from occasionally setting foot on your ornate carpeting.

Your feline or canine friends don’t even need to directly touch your carpets to indirectly impact your indoor air quality by introducing the fine rugs throughout your home with pet contamination. Know one likes to hear this, but even the best-groomed cats and dogs carry small amounts of fecal matter with them wherever they go, and pet dander and urine also pose potential health hazards once they cross your rugs.

Pets are our specialty, we’ve been cleaning rugs in Austin, TX since 1983! Over 85% of the rugs we wash have some form of pet contamination, you are not alone. Let us help you to keep your home healthy and smelling fresh! Call today, Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, 512-327-1900.