Dos and Don’ts of Storing Fine Rugs


You’ve cared for your fine rugs properly for years, including ensuring the rugs are only cleaned by a professional. However, the time may come when you need to store your rug away for a while, which may damage it. Luckily, you can protect and preserve your rugs with a few ideas while they’re are tucked away in storage to prevent insect damage, mold, fading, and creasing.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind before storing your fine rugs.

Do Take the Rug To Be Professionally Cleaned

Any food residue, spills, stains, dog hair, and other contaminants left on rugs prior to storage can cause damage during storage, including damage caused by insects and other pests attracted by the odors. Take your rug to be professionally cleaned before placing it into storage.

In addition to removing any stains and odors, a professional can address any other issues that might become worse while the rug is in storage, such as mold and mildew.

Consider taking your rug in for professional cleaning only a few days before you store it. This will ensure the fine rug is exposed to as few contaminants as possible, including insects, moisture, and pet hair, before you put it away. Always make sure that the rug is completely dry before you put it into storage as well.

Don’t Store Your Rug in the Wrong Environment

Ideally, a fine rug should be stored in a climate-controlled environment, such as a storage locker that you can control the temperature and humidity. However, if that type of environment isn’t available, choose a spot in your home that provides the most protection against moisture, heat, and insects.

Stay away from the attic or basement. The drastic changes in temperature mixed with moisture, particularly in the basement, makes these spots inhospitable areas for fine rug storage. You’ll want to choose a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight. A warm area attracts insects and other pests and ultraviolet lights can quickly fade your rug, even fine rugs.

One area you might consider storing your rug is an unused guest bedroom or your home office. The rug should be stored away from the window and protected against pets.

Do Ensure Your Rug is Proper Protected and Secured

Always roll your rugs, rather than fold it. This will prevent creasing that might never come out again. Find a clean area in your home and carefully begin rolling up the rug. Make sure the rug is wrapped tightly and as straight as possible.

Wrap the rolled rug in muslin, cotton sheets, or acid-free paper. You should use the material to wrap the rug at least one or two times, and then secure it with strong tape. You can also further protect the rug by wrapping it in a final layer of polyethylene rug wrapping.

Store the rugs horizontally and off the floor, such as on a sturdy shelf. If the shelf is wooden, drape the shelving with cotton sheets to prevent the rug from coming into contact with the acids and finish on the wood.

Avoid storing the rug directly on the floor, as this leaves the rug vulnerable to any moisture that might accumulate on the floor. Remove the rug from the environment and have it professionally cleaned if the stored rug becomes wet or you notice any insect or pest damage.

Proper storage of your fine rugs will help protect them from unnecessary damage. Contact the professionals at Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning with any other questions. We’re happy to clean your rug before storage or help you figure out how best to store your fine rug.