Don’t Wait Until Your Rug Looks Dirty

Austin Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Take a look at the rug in your foyer or on your living room floor. You vacuum it regularly, it doesn’t have any stains, and, to be quite honest, it ties the whole room together. Just because your beautiful rug doesn’t look dirty, doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Austin is known as one of the allergen capitals of the world. With long spring and fall seasons, the Austin area is home to lush, beautiful wildlife that just so happens to fill the air with high concentrations of pollen throughout much of the year. Even during the winter or summer, when you spend as much time as possible indoors with your HVAC system running at full blast, these allergens continue to infiltrate your rugs, entering the air every time you take a step.

The best way to protect your Austin, Texas home from airborne contaminants is to get your rug professionally cleaned off-site. We can help you with getting your rugs cleaned, and we include allergen treatments with every rug we clean! We will pick up your rugs, and return them too you, you don’t have to lift a finger, except to the dial the phone. Call today, Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, 512-327-1900.