Do the Colors in Your Oriental Rug Have Meaning?

Colors in Oriental Rugs

It is obvious just at a glance that the vibrant colors and beautiful designs of Oriental rugs are aesthetically pleasing. But did you know that these colors often had greater meaning and symbolism than simple beauty? Frequently, the colors in rugs are integrated to tell a larger story.

Frequently, green in rugs are mean to represent hope. Though green is one of the rarer colors used in traditional Oriental rugs, because of this meaning it is often one of the most special and significant. The work that would traditionally going into producing green dye, through combining blue from indigo and yellow from sources such as saffron and larkspur, meant that the effort that went into producing this color emphasized the importance of the rug and its message.

One of the more common colors in the Oriental rug world is red, often used to represent passion and vitality. This is the color of vibrancy and excitement, often used in contrast with darker details to create emphasis on details in the overall motif. Red in an Oriental rug is there to generate an overall enthusiasm and passion in the piece to be shared with others.

In contrast to red, which is meant to stir passions and excitement, blue is meant to represent tranquility and peace. It is also one of the most common colors used in Oriental rugs. Expressed often in dyes of indigo, blue in Oriental rugs is representative of a somber hopefulness and calm, peaceful life.

Finally, yellow and gold in Oriental rugs are associated with happiness, energy, and opulence. These colors are symbolic of the light of the sun and the joy of living. Gold threads woven throughout the design of an Oriental rug create subtle nods to luxury and wealth. 

Preserving these gorgeous colors is of utmost importance to Oriental rug ownership, not just to preserve the aesthetic, but to preserve the tone and the messaging associated with these beautiful designs. That’s why you should always trust your rugs to professionals. Aegis knows what it takes to preserve your rug and to keep those gorgeous colors popping. 

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