Cultural Design and Colors of Chinese Rugs

The earlier rugs in China reflected the religious culture of the country for the time. Many earlier Chinese handmade rugs had Buddhist symbols and depictions. For example, many had dragons that looked off the rug. Several designs also showed Taoist influences. Past centuries of culture were linked to nature, which is why many rugs were made with flowers, animals, and other natural imagery.

Modern and Antique Chinese Rugs

Many modern and antique Chinese rugs have white, fawn, red, blue, and yellow colors. Although some are still made with religious-influenced symbolism or themes, others are made with floral or natural themes found in nature. Additionally, there are modern designs with geometric shapes and contrasting color combinations. Some modern weavers are happy to accommodate requests that include specific colors or designs for their clients. These custom rugs often command a higher price but are truly bespoke works of art!