Regular Cleaning of Your Fine Rugs Will Maintain Their Beauty

If you’re looking for cleaning tips for your Oriental rug, you’ve come to the right place! As the premiere rug cleaning service in Austin, TX, we’ve basically seen it all and cleaned it all. We know the value of maintaining your rug, and the relationship between cleaning and longevity.

Proper care for Oriental and Persian rugs is essential for supporting their longevity. When anything spills on your rug, blot it up quickly. Fortunately, wool naturally repels liquids better than many other materials. It is important to avoid using a steam cleaner or another type of carpet cleaner on both types of rugs.

Your rugs should also never be handled by machines or harsh cleaning liquids. Avoid using vacuum cleaners that do not have adequate pile height adjustment. Never use chemicals on either type of rug

Really, the only way to properly and thoroughly clean one of these fine rugs is to send it to a professional. Avoid companies that machine wash rugs, as machines can damage them. Also, many companies that use large machines may clean smaller rugs together. A professional should always clean rugs separately and individually. 

Dirt and residue build up in a rug over time. That’s why regular cleaning and maintenance is important! Call us today at 512-327-1900 to discuss our services, or schedule your cleaning services for your investment.