Clean Your Oriental Rug or Replace It? Tips for Making This Tough Choice

As the premiere Oriental rug cleaning service in Austin, we’re sometimes asked with rugs in more delicate condition whether it wouldn’t be better to replace the rug than to clean it. In reality, this is a question that has a different answer for every person. 

When you must make this difficult choice, we encourage you to consider the condition of the rug, your emotional attachment to it, how much the room in which it is located ties into the rug, and other critical factors. For example, if you decorated the entire room to match the rug, we would likely recommend cleaning, if it is not damaged beyond repair. Many types of damage can be repaired, and a thorough cleaning can often make a rug with minimal damage look newer. Chances are there is more life in your rug than you may think, life that can be brought out with a thorough professional cleaning and delicate hand-washing of your Oriental rug.

If there is one important piece of advice that we can give, it is that price should never be the sole factor in determining the answer to this question. The value of rugs is often far more precious than the cost. If your Oriental rug is purely ornamental, it may be easier to replace than a rug that has memories of a trip, of family, or of other connections that the rug may carry. Factor in the emotional cost in your price tag! After all, the stories that a rug can tell are just as much of an investment as its monetary value.

If you want to breathe new life into your Oriental rug, a thorough cleaning from Aegis is a great place to start. Call us today at (512) 327-1900 to learn more about our services and how your rug could get a new life with a thorough clean!